SMCS to Sing at Papal Liturgical Celebration

We are delighted to let you know that St. Michael’s Choir School will be singing at the Holy Father’s liturgical celebration in Quebec City on Thursday, July 28, 2022!
As is customary with most Papal visits, His Holiness will meet with bishops, priests, seminarians, consecrated men and women, and those who work in various Church ministries. During this private liturgical celebration, held at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Quebec, the Choir School will offer its voice for this most extraordinary and historic celebration.
If you are interested in supporting St. Michael’s Choir School on this journey to sing for the Holy Father, please contact Pat Parisi at [email protected] and arrangements for your financial contribution will be directed to support our team of choristers travelling to Quebec. We are thrilled that St. Michael’s Choir School is part of the Indigenous healing and reconciliation journey. We are blessed that our school has been recognized for its exceptional musical quality.

The Canadian National Fund-Raising Team Update

We are also pleased to support the fund-raising efforts for the Papal Visit to Canada, being led by one of our own parishioners, Carol Bragagnolo. Many of you may know and remember Carol as being an integral part of the Cathedral Restoration Project Team. In light of her past work with Archdiocese of Toronto and the Cathedral, Carol has been asked to participate as National Lead for the Papal Visit. Below is The Papal Visit Brochure, where a Canadian National Philanthropic Team is raising funds for this most extraordinary journey. In support of the Canadian fund-raising volunteer efforts, please let us know if you are interested in supporting the Papal Visit, as every donation counts for its success! There is a National Team of fund-raisers across Canada working diligently to secure funds for The Papal Visit to Canada. Please do not hesitate to send our message to those you think may be interested in supporting our healing and reconciliation efforts. Your extraordinary gift is an investment as the Church seeks to walk together with Indigenous peoples towards a better future. This Papal visit will be one of healing, hope and reconciliation; one which we hope will be a watershed moment for the Indigenous Peoples of this land and the Church’s relationship with them.
For further information on how you can help with The Papal Visit, please do not hesitate to contact Carol Bragagnolo – [email protected] She would be happy to discuss with you.

Please keep us in your prayers, and let us know if you would be able to help the Choir School and the Holy Father’s journey to Canada with your financial support and blessing.

Visit The Papal Visit website for more information.

Fr. Frank Portelli
Rector, St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica