Catholic Education Week is scheduled to take place April 30 – May 5 in the 29 Ontario Catholic School Boards.

Join us on WednesdayMay 3, 2023 at 1:30 PM, for Mass at the Cathedral with His Grace Archbishop Francis Leo. We pray for the close to 300,000 students attending Catholic schools in our archdiocese, as well as all those who faithfully guide them each day.

Catholic Education Week Prayer

We are many, we are one; we all form one body in Christ.
Lord, when we see the one before us, let us reverence your presence within;
when we listen to one another, let us hear with our hearts;
when we reflect on each encounter, may we discern to understand;
when we learn from those around us, let us respect our differences with joy;
and when we act, may we be kind and generous to all,
for each person is a member of your body, with all that they are.
We are many, we are one.

All are welcome to join us in-person at the Cathedral or via livestream.

For more information please visit the OCSTA website.