Wedding Music

Music for your wedding can be chosen online at CATHEDRAL WEDDING MUSIC.
Short excerpts of each piece can be found below.

Couples interested in the Organist, Organist and Cantor, or Treble Choir from St. Michael’s Choir School can contact Wanda Thorne at [email protected].

Should you wish to hire your own musicians for your wedding, please contact Wanda Thorne for information regarding procedure and applicable administrative fees. To avoid scheduling conflicts, you should contact Wanda Thorne at least 6 months in advance of your wedding date.

Please note:
If you have not received a reply from Wanda Thorne, music for your wedding is NOT CONFIRMED.

All fees are payable to St. Michael’s Choir School Music Office and can be paid directly to their Office on 66 Bond Street or via e-transfer to [email protected] (please be sure to include all pertinent information with the e-transfer. In addition, please email the answer to the security question, names, date, time and any additional booking information).

Fees for your music must be received at least a week before the day of your wedding otherwise music is not guaranteed.

Please note: Music fees are not eligible for a charitable donation tax receipt.

Wedding Music Fees:

Organist and Cantor$550.00
St. Michael’s Choir School Treble Choir$1,500.00